You know the challenges. You need to maximize productivity to stay competitive. But it can be difficult. Real-world job sites bring hard knocks, dust, dirt, water, hazardous materials and temperature extremes - and plenty of noise. Safety is essential and you need the most effective top of the line lighting and sirens available on the market to ensure you are seen and heard. Along with two way radio communications lighting is important to keeping you and your crews safe on the job site. HVPSL can help.

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Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS

HVPSL is one of the very few Whelen Master Distributors in New York State. We carry the full line of Whelen Engineering Products along with providing many other products and services. We take pride in keeping officers and other Public Safety personal on the road safe not only with our two way radio communications through our parent company NYCOMCO, but also with our lighting division. From light bars and spotlights to laptop mounts and push bumpers we do everything we can as a company to ensure the safety of Public Safety officers..

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Oil and Gas

Your workers operate in hazardous environments that need guaranteed visibility and safety. Although first to oil is a necessity, maintaining safety, health and the environment is non-negotiable. HVPSL understands how important it is to have the right equipment that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and exposure.

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Equipment that make vehicle visible in emergency situations improves overall safety and helps in complying with regulatory requirements. Drivers are safer, costs are lower, and customers are satisfied. Exceed expectations with HVPSL’s diverse lighting and mounting solutions adapted to your transportation needs.

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From the wastewater plant to the power line, at the office or the substation, HVPSL is helping utility companies work more efficiently, productively and safely in the most difficult conditions and demanding environments. We help your operation run more efficiently and safely, and reduce risks and costs..

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